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Ergotron is a movement company that was established 40 years ago in 1982. It was the first time when tilt stands and mounted arms were made. Ergotron is a brand that creates meaningful innovations that helps people across the globe to work in a healthy manner without damaging their postures or bodies.  

The main goal of Ergotron brand is to incorporate movement into the lives of employees through their products. This help them to be more efficient and more productive in their work environment. 

Ergonomics & Wellness

Staying comfortable throughout the day in an uncomfortable setup is next to impossible and this is where ergonomics come in. Ergotron is a house of amazing innovative solutions that can make your work life easy.  

In today’s day and age, we are seeing a large spike in the posture related problems as now people work far beyond 9 to 5 and their work require sitting or standing for longer periods of time. Ergotron products are designed in a manner that allows you to maintain a great posture throughout the day, fits your lifestyle and makes your stronger and healthier. 

Ergonomics Made Easy

Get into the zone- your comfort zone

You must consider these three points if you are facing any ergonomic problems. To begin with, you should have a neutral posture, voluntary motion and rest time during your working hours. 

Neutral Posture

Properly position your display, mouse and keyboard

Just by doing this you will feel less strain, less fatigue and a lot of energy throughout the day This will get you into your power zone as it reduces stress from your body by naturally encouraging a comfortable posture. You can do this by placing your elbows close to your core, by keeping your shoulders open. 

Voluntary Motion

Incorporate movement into computing routine.

It will relieve your posture fatigue. Adjusting your posture is great for your general wellness and for the ergonomics. During your working hours, it is very important to keep moving from one posture to the next such as shifting from sitting to standing. This will improve your overall blood circulation, help in calorie –burn and insulin management. 


Rest Time

Take brief and frequent breaks

It is highly recommended to take short break and stand after sitting for a while. This allows your body to rest and also reduce the pressure on your spinal cord. Resting is very important as it gives your body a break from the posture that you have been holding for a while. Taking breaks at regular intervals and stretching your body is a great way to relax your yes, wrists and your body. 





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